Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Upside Down in Hong Kong

Sleeping on the bed backwards is much more comfortable.  Or is that sleeping upside down.  At any rate, if Greg and I are laying on the bed, we are touching shoulders.  When I got up in the night and then crawled back into the bed, there was more room at the foot of the bed than at the head of the bed.  So I crawled in upside down and put my head at the foot place and my feet by Greg’s head.  I had at least another 12 inches for my arm’s then.  Greg woke up in the dark, reached out, touched my feet, gave a laugh and went back to sleep.

So tonight I asked Greg, which way would you like to sleep.  He said, well, actually there is more room if you sleep upside down.  So?  Sleeping upside down on the bed works because there is no room.  Everyone should try it.  Especially if you are coming to Hong Kong and staying in a one-star hostel.
At one point in the night when I was up, I heard talking and then laughter in the hall.  I just went back to my upside-down bed.  After conversing with Arta in the morning, I found it was her in the middle of the night, because she went out of her room over to the water cooler.  It was empty.  She asked the 24-hour service person who sleeps on a chair in the lobby, about the water.  The woman said, “No water.  Afternoon?  Water.”  By 7 am we were parched.  I tried to flog a can of Sprite on Arta but she wouldn’t accept, so I was forced to drink them myself.
When we came back to our room later that night, there was no toilet paper or towels in our room.  The concierge was surprised and gladly gave us both. They are really helpful.  There is no towel in the room when you come, but if you ask, they are helpful. This is why these guys get an 8.4 rating.  What you expect when you are here in a hostel is no service.  But they are helpful.  They even sterilize the door handle every 2 hours.

Greg did say, this has been a hoot, but next time, let’s not stay here.  I wonder what it is that bothers him.  His closet is the window grates.  I get the hooks on the back of the door.  What’s not to like about this place.  They supply water.  They give you a towel if you ask.  Someone is there for you 24 hours a day. They supplied the electrical adapter, the hair dryer, and travel information, like Fromms How to See Hong Kong.  They also supply hard small beds. We also get the sounds of Hong Kong.  No wonder they get an 8.4 rating.

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