Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Breakfast at Curry in a Hurry

... while visions of Octopus balls danced in her head ...
I got to have my plate of oyster balls.

The one to the left is broken open.  I wanted to leave in full view the soft centre.

And blessedly, the piece of octopus is in view. Another first for me!
... samosa appetiser ... the sauce was mild ... at first ... then hot, hot,  hot ...
... quick grab a drink ...

Greg and Wyona got an appetizer to begin their meal:  two samosas while the other food was being prepared.
... to up the ante, add a side dish of buttered chicken ...

They choose a regular Indian dish and this is not the first time the Chicken Taj Mahal has come to our table.

When we saw something on a sizzling black plate at another food court, we asked what it was. The person told us that it is an American dish.

We shrugged.  We didn't come this far to eat American dishes.

We can do that just by slipping over the border.

But perhaps this is fusion food, for the spices certainly tasted Indian.

That roasted, twisted roti is what Greg likes.

The lamb and the vegetables in the backgound are there as well, but the roti?

For him, certainly worth a trip to Hong Kong.



  1. Ten years later and I still remember Curry in a Hurry. I'm with Greg, this fast food needs to come to Canada.

  2. I wonder if the Curry in a Hurry shops in Ontario are of the same quality.

    Tonia, please go check them or for us all.