Thursday, April 4, 2013

Google Me

... guess which one of these men is a tree-planting astronomer ...
An Update on the Youngest of the 40 Cousins:

A few nights ago Connor told me that I should google him.

Type in Calgary Connor Pilling.

I did:

Senior students are sharing the results from their latest projects, Saturday, April 20, 8 pm to 11 pm.

Among other things, "James Campbell and Connor Pilling will discuss their amazing results using RAO telescopes and their search for planets around stars outside our solar system. They are looking very carefully at stars for which other search programs have detected transits of orbiting planets."

Note the professor calls their work "amazing".  If you are in Calgary that night -- go for the deal.  The admission price is $10 a person or $20 a car load.


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  1. Aaaaaargh. Why do I live so far away! I would to be there. I love being related to famous people (well, at least people who might be famous someday).