Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Food Republic

 ... Korean fried pork and fried egg ...
I don’t know why it seems subversive to have breakfast at the Food Republic, since we don’t really get there until 11:30 am and what we eat should be called lunch.

.. a breakfast?  or lunch?
Happiness either way ...

a bit of jet lag on eveyone's faces
... the biggest beef bun and the whitest I have every seen ...
... fluted tops on shrimp dumplings ...
Still, at the hotel we are talking to each other as though we are going to have breakfast first today, after finding this underground food court by accident.

We explored a set of stairs that went down two flights.

All of the time I was walking them I was thinking, the merchants down here are not going to get a lot of walk-by business.

This is quite the trek downward. We found that the food court could also be reached by a escalator and accessed from the centre of a large mall.

 No wonder there were so many choices of places to eat.

Greg wanted to have a Korean dish – fried pork chop and a fried egg.

Wyona and I wanted Dim Sum and we used the point method – making sure to stay away from the fried chicken feet.

So tasty looking, but I am not up to the crunch of those bones in my mouth – had it once and am not ready to try it again.
... left side, batter is down / right side, oyster balls are done ...

Later in the Harbour City Food Court, I watched the oyster balls being made.

I think I spent the time watching, and imagining that I was the cook, so that I won’t have to buy the molds and try doing that at home.

“You don’t have to eat them all,” I whispered to myself. But I did.
... adding the octopus ...

Pressing on with eating more than I really wanted wasn’t about not wasting food.

 More ... thinking about the taste and texture of the product.

Measuring what I was really tasting against what I thought the oyster balls would be like. My analysis?

More like the texture of Yorkshire pudding, that the texture of Timbits, which is what I had imagined.


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