Wednesday, April 10, 2013


... blackberry bun ...
Wyona has the street smarts of travel.
Promotion Item: red bean bun.

At the Mermaid Bakery, I couldn’t figure out how to get the goods out of the glass cabinets and how to get up to the cash register.

“Watch this,” she said as a new customer entered the store.

Then we did exactly what that customer did – found out where the trays were, looked to find the right level for the tongs, discovered how to open the cabinets.

All of that seems like a perfectly logical thing to do, but much of it is not intuitive for me

We have turned down buying Sees Chocolates and Leonidas, bought a maple twist ... we have even all tasted the mango jellied dessert ... yes, it tasted just like the last time when we didn’t like it.

This is what adventure is for.

Moving onto the ship now where the menu is set, the cookies are free and tea time with baking powder biscuits and real whipped cream occur every afternoon at 4.



  1. i loved the treats post, though i am sad to know i am now out of treats (posts) til the next time you guys have time on shore with nothing better to do (which might mean, when you return home from the cruise). I will dream of your voyages!

  2. It pains me to hear you passed on Leonidas. Please do not do that ever again.

    Love the line about the mango jellied desert.

    Your first daffodil has bloomed in your front flower bed. I would post a photo, but the you would also see that I haven't weeded that bed yet.