Monday, April 8, 2013

Three is a Magic Number

Good things come in threes.  So do bad.  Even the near misses can be counted with that number.  I have to pick as to how I would count the following:
1.      By a hair’s breath and only in the nick of time, Greg discovers the real departure time of his plane.
2.      Greg, at the request of a clerk in a registry office, works for a day (maybe the better part of two days) getting together the true and accurate list of names and addresses of the shareholders in a small company he manages.  Then he returns to the registry, is helped by another clerk, who says, no, to make these changes is unnecessary and will be costly.
3.      Greg then goes to complete one of the last things on his list of errands --  a final haircut on the day before he leaves on his trip.  Before he can get out of his car, a man backs out of the liquor store next door to the barber shop, ramming the side of Greg’s car.  Then, as inexplicable as it seems, the SUV gives Greg’s car one extra bash.

How do I measure this?

Departure on time:  checkmark
Save money at the registry: checkmark
No injury,  no haircut: checkmark

My take?  Greg is living on the right side of trouble.



  1. Uh? I am going to assume my father is OK and that he came away from the accident unscathed because he's traveling!?! I am also sad to hear the car with the bum-warming seats may not be usable anymore. More glad you are OK dad. I am in the grad student office giving people a play by play of the family blog and your excursions in Hong Kong. I remember the cheapness of a freshly cut pineapple on a stick, the jewelry store, the smells, and the interesting meats available for people to buy in the shops (turtle, cat, and dog to name a few). Keep having fun and no more accidents!

  2. Yes, he is fine. And out in the lead. He could be better with a softer bed, and a little more room, that that would have nothing to do with the accident.

    His sons-in-law and daughters are taking care of the particulars of the insurance after the accident, because it was and is Bon Voyage for Greg. Will type more about him later. He was funny last night while we were walking in the rain. Make that ... running for home in the downpour. He asked Wyona where I was. She said right behind us. He looked again. When my white hair is covered with a scarf, he couldn't find me. He said he thought I was a Muslim woman behind him. I don't know how true that is, but he can even make jokes while the 3 of us pour on speed to head for cover.