Monday, April 8, 2013


Glen, Trent, Dave and Richard you would be so happy with this choice of mine as far as places to stay go!
Did I pick the hotel or what. One little word that was on the description of this hotel was 'hostel'. I noted before we left Calgary that one had to ask for a towel and there was no room service. I looked to change our hotel but I had passed the two week free cancellation period.

Greg and Arta waited at the small door on the lit up crowded street with our 8 pieces of luggage. ( all pieces of luggage were free and 3 could be up to 70 pounds so one must take advantage of elite status). I pushed floor one on the elevator, peeked out, it was a restaurant. Floor two I peeked out and it was a Chinese Arts and Craft store. Floor Three was the winner, 'Innsight Hotel".

Greg and I are in a double, double HARD and Small. It is really a 3/4 bed, no closet but a set of hooks on the back of the door, a side bed table, bed in the corner and a lovely little bathroom with a complete glass door showing the toilet, sink, and shower, the shower being on top of the sink and toilet. I happened to mention to Greg that the first time we stayed here we were in the Peninsula Hotel, the second time in the Marco Polo Hotel ( equivalent to any Fairmont Hotel) and now we look at us! But the money saving! Arta is paying $200 and Greg and I are paying $270 dollars for four nights in Hong Kong! The fifth night will be on the ship, oh for a King Size!!!

The night before we left, Arta was at our house and asked how we were getting to the airport for a 7:00 a.m. flight. I told her Lurene was driving us and the flight was at noon. After a short argument, I checked the tickets. Greg was to leave at 7:00 a.m. and Arta and I at noon. Just think what cold have happened if I had not checked Greg's ticket. (I booked Greg's ticket June of 2013) using my aeroplan miles. Arta and I purchased our tickets. So Arta and I had to eat breakfast and then lunch in the Maple Leaf Lounge in Calgary. Greg was waiting for us at the airport in Vancouver to catch our flight to Hong Kong. There was not an empty seat on that flight to Hong Kong. 

I am currently in Arta's room typing because I could not sleep. i even woke her up when I knocked on the door this morning. I left Greg sleeping on our hardrock bed. 

When we arrived last night we hung up our clothes from our wardrobe bags, the hooks on the doors are strong and great! Then we walked the streets to Ocean Terminal and the Star Ferry. Our ship leaves from Ocean Terminal. Now Arta and I are going for a morning stroll through Hong Kong but I have to get my corn pad in first and take the rest of my pills. Arta has medicated her eyes, is taping her feet and getting pills organized for the day. What a wonderful life! We miss our companions Moiya and Dave.



  1. How exciting to find this post here. I am eating up every word, not knowing when you will find another moment to get on-line and send news. Wishing I were there with you!

  2. It is probably easier for you to live vicariously as you read, having been on that cruise with Wyona and Greg to the Mediterranean. e. Now you are able to fill in the blanks, one of the hardest of which is to describe, being jet lag. I think that is why Wyona put us in Hong Kong for 4 days ... to help us get accustomed to the time change. I an not good at telling how long until my body is going to close right down because I am so tired. But more than once I have had that feeling that I just have two minutes to find a chair or preferably a bed.

    So glad to know you are reading, Mary.

    Tell the women where you work that so far I have not found one silk scarf shop. That should make them laugh. As well, the silver-man-under-the-stairs says that all of the small pearl outlets (also under the stairs) have gone away. Pearls are only behind glass windows in expensive shops, he said. Of course this can't be universally true, but it is the fact concerning the streets we have walked in every directions around InnSight.