Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baseball 2014 - The Diamonds

This is Naomi's second year playing baseball. 
Last year, in Aylmer where we live, a dad with twin girls decided he wanted to try to get enough girls playing to have an all girls team in the league.  They play against teams for other communities that are mixed -- both boys and girls.  It was Naomi's first year playing and her team was called the Angels.  This year there were enough girls registered to have two teams.  This year Naomi was on the new team, the Diamonds.
This age group play a version of the game where there are six infielders (no outfielders).  The girls bat off a pitching machine.  They are supposed to swing at every pitch.  They get 3 pitches, and if they don't get a hit, they get two chances to swing off  a T.  It is great.
Naomi has a great swing and it really good at hitting off the pitching machine. 
Here she is at first base.
She runs hard to second.

Coming into third base.

Waiting at third for her team mate to get a hit.

Coming in for the run.





  1. Wow. Loved the text and the pictures. Had my heart in my mouth when I could see there was still a chance she could be put out on the run to home base. Thank you to the twin's dad and to all of the other volunteers who must have joined him. Thank you to the picture taker. And thanks Naomi for bringing to my attention an excellent sport for women!

  2. go naomi go! could almost feel the sweat!