Thursday, September 4, 2014

Things to do in New York

While email chatting with Mary today, she asked who had been to New York and what were the best things to do there.  I am quick with an answer if the question is about London, but I have only been to La Guardia, which I can't even really spell.  I am no good at answering questions about New York.

However the question of what to do and where to do it has been on my mind all day -- and even more so tonight having come home from the theatre with the list of next year's "Coming Up" productions for National Theatre Live:

A Streeetcar Named Desire by Tennesse Williams - Sept 16
Skylight by David Hare - Oct 23
Frankenstein, based on Mary Shelley's novel
John - Lloyd Newson - Dec 9

I grabbed The Met Live in HD from the teller at the movie house as well.

MacBeth - Oct 11
La NOzza Di Figaro - Oct 18
Carmen - Nov 1
The Barber of Seville - Nov 22
Die Meistersinger - Dec 13
The Merry Widow - Jan 17, 2015
The Tales of Hoffman - Jan 31
Iolanta / Bluebeard's Castle - Feb 14
La Donna Del Lago - March 14
Pagliacci / Cavalleria Rusticana - Apri 25

I asked for the Dance Series schedule since I was at the wicket anyway.  They didn't have it in take home form at the theatre, but it was on a big poster in the hall, and I had to pause in my walk up and down the halls before the movie started ... to take a look.  Through my mind was going this voice, "You don't really like dance.  You go to dance productions and sleep half the tine.  You have spent a life-time and don't have the tools to appreciate dance.  You might want to go anyway, since part of the good life is doing something new all of the time.  Don't discount this series, Arta."

And then what about the one-of productions.  I think the Night of the Proms is next Saturday -- the 13th.  I have never gone.  I think I will make this one my first.  And there was an intro to another one-of production -- a man reading from a book.  He was so funny in the ad that I was laughing out loud, and then embarrassed that the only laughter in the theatre was coming from me.  I just don't need a warm-up act.  When something is funny, I get it right away.

Well, back to "things to do in New York".  I don't know what Mary is going to do there, but I am sure I am going to have a good life this fall and winter -- dance, theatre, opera -- all at a movie theatre in my neighbourhood

Yes.  The good life coming to me, though not in New York.



  1. Teague, Cheri and Nathaniel went to New York on Spring Break this past Spring on the Band trip for Medicine Hat High. Ask them.

  2. Looks like we will be going to see Carmen LIVE at the Met (instead of at the Met Live). Eeep. So excited.

  3. Carmen is coming Nov 1st -- and yes, it will be to the Met Live ... and I will be there. I saw the previous production of Carmen. Perhaps this will be the same, and if so ... that won't be so bad, either. The melodies burst into my head just typing this. I can't believe you are going to the Met in New York, Mary. That one is still on my bucket list.