Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bates - Malaga after 10 days at sea

Our first and only port after 10 days at sea was Malaga, Spain. We just walked and walked the streets until we found ourselves in a Spanish market where we were the only English speakers.
 Right in the middle of the market was a kiosk where one could buy a drink and eat fried shrimp and other tapas. No chairs at all.
Olives, olives everywhere! I encouraged Greg to buy some but he did not. However, the almonds we bought were superb! Why did we only buy one little plastic container of them.

Narrow streets going everywhere. Neighbors can almost hold hands across the walkways.

Even the pigeons enjoy the walkways.

And then we just happened along some Roman ruins which are slowly being uncovered.

We liked Malaga.

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