Thursday, September 25, 2014

When I feel like cutting my hair...

My hair is really long right now.  Like, really long.  Longer than I have ever had it.

Most mornings in my rush out the door I am lucky to get it into a quick twist bun.  Or I might just get it into a pony tail and do a quick side braid when I get to work.

Frequently I get the urge in the evening to just cut it all off.

But then I have a day like today.

This morning, magically, we were all up on time, I even had a shower.  The girls made it onto their bus.  I had even made Xavier's lunch (which he usually makes himself).  So I decided to do some braids (3) and pin them up on my head. 

This is how it turned out.  I was pretty pleased.


  1. The hair is amazing. Looks like someone has been at work for an hour or more on it. No one would think you have done the braiding, the twisting, the tucking and done a full morning's work at getting everyone out of the house as well.

    Just love it, Mary.

    When I saw the title of the post, I didn't know who was writing. I was hoping it was David Camps, for his last hair cut was in June. Now those bangs are half-way down over his pupils. At breakfast, I see him artfully sweep half of the bangs to the left and half to the right so that he can see his electronics as he eats. Bonnie says she has no idea as to when he will announce it is time to get his hair cut again. But that is the time he will get it done. He has a place he likes to go, and a stylist who understands what an eight year old boy likes to look like. Maybe David just hasn't thought about it yet.

    There was no announcement from Glen about a change of stele. His hair was so long that he looked like the protagonist in The Lorax -- you know ... the guy with the long white hair pulled back and fixed with an elastic at the nape of the neck.

    I came back to B.C. in the September and went to Glen's house for a meeting. I saw him first in the garage. Something was different. I thought perhaps he had lost more weight ... but he shouldn't do that, being on the cusp of being a little too thin. already But somehow he looked so young to me. I was wondering how I could look that young that when the penny dropped for me. He has returned to a traditional hair cut. I am still not used to the traditional look again.

    You make a good point Mary. When does a person get a haircut. Bonnie Wyora was thinking of becoming a Union Steward in her workplace. To be, or not to be. That was the question. Then she remembered she hasn't had time to get a hair cut, so how can she add an other item to her list of -to-does. First get a haircut. Then be a Union Steward.

    Your hair should never be cut. All of that length and natural highlightig. So elegant.

    Thanks for the blog visit. And just loved the wall behind you portrait. Your family believes in celebrating empty space with art work. I can't see how the world could be better in that respect.

  2. Your hear is beautiful Mary. That takes time. Good for you! So Glen is looking young and normal with his new haircut. Hope he saved his long hair.