Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I am watching the sun go down from a window in the Dorsey Museum.
Watching exhibitions from any museum is good.
While I was in the theatre waiting for the Tennessee William's play to begin, I was watching the advertisements for what is coming up in HD Live in October and November.

I whipped out my pencil and paper so I could get a take on what is coming up next.

One Direction - a popular English band is doing a fantastic concert.  Oct 11th and Oct 12th.  Watch this video for a bit of their music.  I think it is going to appeal to everyone from Meighan up.  I am going to go so I can see what appeals to teens.

The Vikings.  Nov2 and Nov 5th.  A show from  artifacts in the British Museum.

David Bowie. An Exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Sept 25, 27 and Nov 6.

Stephen Fry.  Oct 1.  OK.  I know nothing about him, but the little clip in the theatre made me laugh. So now I have u-tubed him and got trapped for 32 minutes.  Sheesh!  I should have known better.

From Here to Eternity.  A new musical.  Oct 5, 9th.  Here is one of the trailers.

So ... the above doesn't even include the opera or the National Theatre.

It is going to be a lovely fall.



  1. wow to the photo, eh? I think we were in Beaubourg rather than D'Orsay on that day, as if it makes a difference. it was an astonishing sunset! and an astonishing week

  2. I hate getting caught on youtube and candy crush most of all.