Saturday, September 27, 2014

Zoe's 2014 photos at Shuswap

Zoe walked around the property taking pictures of the Pilling flowers.

A little dew or rain makes things fresh.

Who is hiding behind the plum tree?

Every summer must have a study of slugs.

And make sure the caterpillar has water to drink along with a leaf to eat.

Zoe, you take marvellous photos!

Shades of green and shadows!


  1. Wow to your pictures Zoe. Especially the one with the slug going along the green leaf.

    This is the time of year at the Shuswap when there are a lot of stink bugs. I tried to take a good picture of one to put up on the blog, but the camera kept focusing on everything else around and I only got blurry pictures of my target -- the stink bug.

    Now I have seen your incredible job, I am going to keep working on the stink bug. You just about captured everything else.

    Oh, I did see a couple of deer yesterday, just as the top of my road. They were going down to Panabode I, but they stopped to take a look at my place.

    Too bad for them. Another deer got there before and age all of the tomatoes I had been carefully watering all summer. And the beans that I had growing up the trellises? They wee all gone too. I was a bit cross. I spent all of those early summer mornings watering my tomatoes. I only got to eat one.

    Oh well, if we live rurally we help each other -- the animals help us; we help them. Next time I eat deer meat at Richard's house, (in Alberta) I will wonder if the deer ate someone else's tomatoes.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos Zoe