Sunday, September 28, 2014

Duncan's fire report

... this room needs to be completely redone ...
I was riding my bicycle home from school. I was five minutes late because my teacher made us stay after school for five minutes.  The teacher was trying to talk, but everyone was putting stuff in their backpack and shuffling papers. She couldn’t be heard. She said, “You waste my time, I waste yours. I am not letting you go until I finish talking.”

So, I was riding on my bike when I saw black billowing smoke on my block. I figured it was someone else's house. But about six houses from my house, I realized it was my house. I saw Firetrucks and a bunch of people standing around looking at my house.

I thought, “Well, this has never happened before.”

I was the first person in my family to arrive home. 
I didn’t really know what to think of the situation. 
I didn’t think I could do too much. 
I didn’t talk to the Firemen. 
I didn’t think they needed my input.

So I waited on the lawn across from my house. I talked to our neighbours. I talked to our other neighbours. They said what happened up until the time I got there.

My mom arrived about 5 minutes later. 
She said, “What happened here?” 

“Oh, fire" I said
... doorjamb and roof ...
wall used to be baby blue

Grandma Arta asked if there were police there. I would answer “no and yes”. There were no police cars there but there were people from the fire investigating department because it was considered a suspicious fire.

Eventually I found out that what happened. 

A candle was accidentally left lit. The wax dripped down. Alex’s jersey, which is made up of one of the most flammable materials on earth, went up in flames.

Later, some kid I know from school walked by. 

He said, “Is that your house?” 
Ripping down the walls in Alex's room after the fire.
You can still see some of the walls.

I replied, “yeah”. 

He said, “Oh.” 

He asked, “How did it start.” 

I said, “Candle.” 

He said, “Oh.”

There wasn’t much for me to do so I went to my friend Felix’s house. He ended up not being there. Later he came home and his mom went to see my mom at my house. Felix and I watched youtube, we played a really fun board game, then we went to pick up my friend Peter. Eventually I went to the hotel to be with my family.

Clean up is under way.
I have been back to our house. The fire only was in one room, Alex’s room. The entire room is black. Not any colour anywhere. Alex's room is right beside mine, but mine is untouched.

All the rooms upstairs are damaged by smoke: my room, the guest bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, and the red room (family room) where we have our computers, bookshelves, and the piano.

So, here I am in the hotel room. 

I am somewhat bored because I have no computer. 

The good thing about being here is there are pretty good restaurants nearby including one that serves a Nutella crepe. 

We should be home in about two weeks time.


  1. Well, this has never happened before... xox

  2. Duncan. this is really quite smoking, indeed!

    (Sadly, that comment is more appropriate than ever!)