Friday, September 26, 2014


backyard ... bicycle ... chained to snow laden fence

Miranda and I were trying to coordinate talking a walk together.

Together would mean, a real walk alone, one where the heart beat goes up -- not one where we are with the kids and get to stop and look at all of the interesting things that pop up for them.  That is a good walk.  Just not a good aerobic walk.

To make this get-away happen, Miranda arranged with Richard that he would watch the kids while he was getting ready to go to work in the morning and we could go out and walk.
... not a black and white picture ... my evidence?  the blue frame ...

Watching sleeping kids isn't that hard.

He agreed and Miranda and I began to walk.

We were walking the morning of the snow store where the trees began to loose branches.

Just about every poplar tree fell victim to the heavy weight of the snow on its leaves, thus the branches, and sometimes the whole tree toppling over.
In retrospect, the weather people tell us that this mi every 10 to 12 years.

The snow is too heavy and the leaves haven't fallen from the trees.

So the weight of the snow brings the branches down.
... so far, I am not too old to try making a footprint in the snow ..

What has never happened to me is that I haven't been out walking when this was happening.

The first snap was a surprise.

So was the second.

But by the time Miranda and I had reached West Campus Park and were on our return home, we were saying to each other, "We are hearing the cracking of branches about every thirty seconds."

"Have you ever experienced this before?"

... snow as seen through the summer screen on the window ...
"Not me."

"Nor I."

An event to remember and it seemed as though we were the only persons in the world who were experiencing those moments.

In actual fact ... probably every Calgarian who was out between 6 and 7 am that morning.


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  1. We read Snowtember online. Here London is having what the jeweller called 'an Indian summer'. Just repeating.