Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Prophet Song

This morning Zachary was singing the Mormon Prophet song where all the names of the Prophets are sung from Joseph Smith to today's Thomas S. Monson. I sung to him the version I learned when I was in Primary, when Spencer W. Kimball was Prophet. He told me I was wrong, and I told him that every time a Prophet dies, they rewrite the end of the song. He thought for a moment and said "So if they sang that song when Joseph Smith was alive, it would go 'Jo-seph Smith' (sung in a 3-note descending tune)".

I could not stop laughing. I am still smirking 3 hours later.


  1. I predict a stand up comic, that is what I think Zach will be. Thanks for the fun weekend. Always great to catch up with everyone!

  2. Zach practiced his comic skills at the lake this year. It was great!