Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Taste of Brussels in Toulon

A cruel trick, Mary says, for a boat to have such a full agenda of lectures, events and trips, that a person cannot do it all.

Mary capturing her first glimpse of Toulon, France

The weather was so bad that we couldn't dock in Aix en Provence as scheduled.

That did not stop us from getting off the boat near Toulon, taking shuttle to the middle of town and then walking to the market. Between the shuttle from the boat and the centre of town, we hopped one of those goofy trains that runs around the outer edge of amusement parks, since it was pouring rain and what we needed was safety from the rain. Others from the boat who hadn't brought rain gear joined us. While we were waiting for the train to fill up with passengers, Wyona ended up entertaining the passengers with her Beyonce rendition of the video clip from Single Ladies demoing it while sitting on the front seat of the train.

Everyone was cheering!

"Let it rain.  We are on close to French soil."
How cool is that for a grandma who had just had her birthday and is still ticking.

Wyona pointed out every delicious pastry in the world as she went from shop to shop, checking if the confections were as good as she remembered them in 1970.

For the first time, Mary practised her French, on French soil.

In Toulon we sat by a sea side Belgian frit shop watching the sea and drinking in the ambiance of other French speakers coming for their daily hit of something approximately Chez Leon's in Brussels.

A cool port, even it if was not on our itinerary.


  1. So fun, French on French soil. Keep talking Mary! Keep going you world travelers. I should have picked a thesis that included three retired subjects between the ages of 65 and 71 who are experiencing the world through multiple cruises. I wonder if I would ever have found someone who would have given me a gigantic grant to complete in situ research?

    Brilliant idea, too late.

  2. This picture is my computer wallpaper. You're so pretty Mary.