Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yesterday we were talking about the differences in the ships that we have been on.  One had a beautiful outdoor cafe on deck 11.  This one has shampoo, but no hand lotion.  Another had the glass show.  Greg knows where the good cookies are in all of the boats.  But last night we were focusing on the inland tours that lead from the boat, since when we look over the balcony we can count the lines of tour buses that wait for us in every port.  We are in Livorno today.  When I woke, I couldn’t feel the movement of the boat so I knew we had docked.  I stepped out to the balcony for my first view of the morning:  29 tour coaches beneath my balcony, a conclave of gossiping coach drivers, a disembarking station through which passengers must pass, and one ambulance ready to receive one of the passengers.  I watched the flashing light of the ambulance and its attending white car of medical personnel until it passed out of sight.  I saluted the person in the ambulance, someone who knows how to cruise until they drop.

On other matters, the Independence of the Seas showcases amazing entertainment in the evenings.  Last night Wyona and Greg went to the ice show at 5 pm, I joined them for the dance show at 7 pm, and we all moved to the royal circle to see a repeat performance of that show at 8:45 pm.  Then we went to Sorrento’s Pizza for an evening snack (having missed dinner), and Greg and I went to the Love and Marriage Show.  I don’t know why Wyona doesn’t come for Greg and i come home and repeat every joke for her. 

I don’t know why Greg and I like going to the Love and Marriage show? There are train wrecks to relationships in the questions they ask.  In the first place, neither of us can understand why anyone would answer their questions, give that the prize is a bottle of champagne.  Still, Greg and I go and are still laughing about last night’s question to the couple married 53 years.  What is it your husband reaches for first thing in the morning?  The wife’s answer was, I don’t know.  He sleeps in the spare room. That brought down the house.  Then the husband gave his answer as to what he thought his wife would say to the question, What do I reach for first thing in the morning?, he thought the true answer was  my false teeth.  Another fabulous answer to the question.

Today Greg ha travelled to the seat of the Renaissance: Florence. Wyona and I stayed back in Livorno to have lunch and watch the forklifts on the dock move mahogany logs onto trucks.  Cosco containers are also being loaded, three to an 18-wheeler and off the vehicle travels to its destination.  A person only has to sit on of the balcony or eat lunch overlooking the harbour to see an adventure.

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