Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Unoffical Guide to Cruises

The Unoffical Guide to Cruises, by Kay and Bob Showker – that is the book Greg gave Wyona for Christmas.  Who better to receive its 11 Edition than someone who already has her cruises booked through 2013?  Greg carried the book with him on our trip and I know on which shelf it resides in the cabin.  The book is his source of facts and figures whenever another cruise boat passes by us:   when it was built, at what cost and what class of people use any line.  The question came up at lunch – wasn’t there a ship being built on which people could buy cabins, just like one might buy a condo, and the idea is to cruise your life away.  The Unofficial Guide confirmed, yes it had been built, yes, it is cruising the ocean from port to port.  What an idea!  Sell all you have that won’t fit into a cabin, and enjoy the rest of your days on the high seas.  We went through a storm last night.  Greg was up at 3 am, watching the lightening.  He said it was the first time he had ever been in his room and had the room pass through a storm, as opposed to the idea of the storm doing the passing by and his room remaining stationary.

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