Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dance Lessons

Wyona just happens to have rumba music on her computer.  So she and Greg are out on the balcony practicing their steps from the rumba lesson today – it is not just about getting the foot to come down on the second, rather than the first beat, but also keeping the shoulders straight, the hands in the right position and the knees bending and straightening at the appropriate times.  Greg is laughing for he is demonstrating the hand position the instructor told them men they must take, a position Greg has mocked in the past.  Finally they are laughing so hard they have to come inside and rest.  Sailing the seas should not be this much fun.  I am glad she can still walk.  We were hurrying to the ice show today, she came around a corner in the casino and her foot caught the bottom of a stool that was not pushed back into the slot machine it belonged to.  She took a dive, flat out, to the casino floor, inflicting rug burns as she dove to the ground.  I was afraid she was hurt.  But no, two hours later is is out dancing on our balcony.

A few days ago, before we left the ship to explore Gagliara, we went to have lunch in the Windjammer.  Greg likes to have a good view.  To facilitate him, Wyona circled the whole restaurant, trying out four possible tables.  When we finally came to a stop we had a view of the bay, a river running through it, and a bridge spanning the bay that was full of trucks taking goods to be loaded on ships.  In the bay was a circle of black objects.  At first glance, I thought I was seeing crows sitting on the water.  Greg guessed what we were seeing was sea lions.  Wyona thought they might be buoys, but they were unevenly spaced and had too much movement.  I was interested in knowing what we were seeing and asked one of the men who was clearing tables, but he had never stopped long enough to look at the water.  Greg approached one of the two officers who was also having lunch in that restaurant.  A mussel and oyster farm, he said.  Nets are hooked to the bottom of the buoys, thus they were stationary, yet still showing that gentle motion.  I went back to tell the server, but he looked at me with such amazement, I knew he thought I was putting him on.  So I dragged him over to Greg.  I knew the server was not going to believe a woman on this one, which really made me laugh, ... for I would have believed him.

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