Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Digs

... the digs ...
The picture above the bed is a reminiscent of Gaugin, maybe because the charm of living in a place evoked by such a picture can be captured by that image.

So ... here it is our lovely stateroom .

Space is a priority, so with three of us in the cabin, the hide-a-bed pulls out at night.

We dropped our luggage off at the dock and waited for it to be delivered to our rooms. 

The waiting was not difficult since we sat on deck and watched the birds fly over head and felt the breeze along our necks and down our backs.

... the luggage, from six stories up ...
I loved looking over the side of the boat and surveying the luggage, wondering how it was going to make it to our cabin. Everything is tagged but with 2,000 passengers, each carrying 2 bags, that is a lot of luggage to be moved into 14 floors of living and sleeping space.

The exit of the luggage is equally smooth, everything tagged before 11 pm and left in the hallways, to be picked up landside, as we exit.

I couldn't find one of my bags. I circled the queue where it was to be found. No luck. Then Greg and I began to circle every other cue looking up and down the isles of luggage.

What we didn't know is to that we should look at the area over which is a handwritten sign, masking taped to the wall and called "unknown". That is place bags go when their tags have managed to fall off of the luggage handles.

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