Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In Athens

The prison of Socrates
So? What sister-in-law could be luckier than me?

Wyona sent Greg and I off for the afternoon while we were in Athens.

We rode the Hop-On, Hop-Off bus up to the Acropolis.

Wyona had already taken one walk to the top of the hill, so she sent the two of us on that hike while she returned to the boat.

 ... inside the cell ...
My pictures are random and never seem to be taken of beautiful sights with sunlight flashing from them.

If I carry my camera, I don't know what my eye will be seeing that I need to photograph.

Here I am photographing prisons!

I have always been mad at Socrates. If someone tries to help me find an answer using the Socratic method that is when I am maddest at him. 

I just like answers given to my straight out.

When I saw his cell, for a fleeting moment,  I thought, even someone who thought up that method of answering questions, didn't deserve to live out the end of his days here.   
at the Acropolis

Greg likes to take pictures as well.

Here Greg is at the top of the hill, looking way down, over a cliff where from which it is rumoured, many famous people in the past jumped.

Hard to know why anyone would jump after seeing the magnificent view and the stunning structures built so long ago with such perfect form.

Greek women as columns
One of the nice things about travelling with Greg is that he allows himself time to linger and look. I could see that because the climb was long, there is not much used of running up the hill and then down, if one doesn't pause to drink in the beauty of the Greek countryside to the north, east, south and west.

It is one thing to see ancient Greece in a textbook.

It is another to drink in the view in person, walk slowly around the structures, looking at them from all side, take my camera and try to capture the beauty for myself, which you can see I am trying to do here.

How much fun was that day!

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