Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wyona! Buy This In London!

Hey Wyona.  I was looking at one of the blogs I review every once in a while Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes too and I spied this necklace.  It screams YOU because the theme is bugs, Bugs, BUGS!

It should remind you of the pond and bugs you used to play with at the bottom of the hill at #1235.  Lucky for you this blogger is British and you can buy the necklace it at Topshop.  It is sold out online but pick it up along Regent Street or somewhere in London, as Topshop is a chain of well known stores.  The website has several versions of bug necklaces.  
How fun!  
Keep traveling and having a grand time!  

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  1. Arta pointed your blog out to me. I will look for it when I am in London. Thanks.