Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mr and Mrs. Dance-All-Night

Greg intones, “Cruising is such hard work. Enrichment class, dance classes, bridge lessons, film lectures, viewing the Ice Show, bringing the midnight snacks back to the room.  I am exhausted.”

The Ice-Show was a wonder.  Ten performers using the ice at the same time, triple axles, and women held high over male performer’s heads and then dropped suddenly to the ice, both of them still spinning.  This is not the Saddle Dome with its hockey length sheet of ice, but a rink, smaller than a community rink, with 20 rows of comfortable seats surrounding it.  Two Russians, one Scot and seven Canadians perform the show, which might make “skating in international ice shows” one of Canada’s chief exports.  The artistic device that structures the show is the same one used in the Canadian Film, The Red Violin, which device gave occasion to use the costumes of Roman gypsies, Viennese dancers, and the Brazilian Bolero Dance.  Tickets for the show are in high demand – there is not enough seating for the 4,000 passengers onboard, which is why many of them lined up at 8:30 am to make sure they got a place in the ice arena.  Greg, Wyona and I had already attended a destination lecture in that theatre – and it is not hard for Canadians to figure out where the cold is coming from and to go to the show the next time, dressed appropriately.

I am a new convert to neo-citroen.  Wyona has laid out the goods in her travelling medical chest many times for me, in the past – saying that the neo-citron part of her pills and medications she carries for Greg.  I am now using it, since I am l left with residual deep coughing from the acute bronchitis I had at Rebecca’s.  Penicillin is good.  Inhalers are good.  Steaming is good.  Neo-Citron is good.

While I am getting better, Greg and Wyona dance away the evenings hours -- sometimes in increments of four of them at a time.  Yes.  Cruising.  Hard work.

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