Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Few More of Shuswap

Here are a few more.  I might as well share them with the family who loves this piece of land as much as I do, rather than have the pictures just sitting on my computer.

Walking on the Old Sicamous Road.  Always look up, down, front, back, all around for an unexpected photo.

Mounds of rock that have been still for 50 years.

Someone who knows about British Columbia flora and fauna are going to have to help with me with the next few.  

The night of lightning Summer 2011

Details in on the walkway to the old Porterfield's house.

This one I need to play with on the computer but here is a raw shot of light at the end of the dark forest lush tunnel.

Don't step on the interesting pieces of the forest.

Winter of 2009 or 2010.  I began sneaking out to the Shuswap when I was supposed to be at Teacher's Convention, because I would rather be out at the Lake sitting in the peace and quiet than in a hotel listening to talks.  You would have made the same choice.

My dad reaping the years of enjoyment after years of hard work at the Lake.  Both he and my mum work pretty hard out there still.

The Summer of Sunsets 2008, my mother watching the colours fill the sky.  I have not colour enhanced this shot in any way.  It is in its pure, raw format.  Stunning!

Part of the sky my mother was looking at with Aunt Moiya and Uncle Dave's house in the photo.

I hope to be out there again this summer to take more shots.  I sure love traipsing around the property finding more things, people and scenes to try and capture properly on film.  One of the best places to shoot.


  1. what a gift! these photos are incredible... and make me want to hop in the car!

  2. I am going to guess about the names of the flowers: purple aster, blue bell and Indian Pipe. Why is it that my book of Common Flowers of B.C. is out at the Shuswap when I need it here?

    As well, I loved the shot with the white snow, though after having spent the afternoon shoveling the same stuff from my walk, I wasn't all that happy with it.


  3. Absolutely Beautiful!!! I even have so many memories from there!!

  4. ... and I DEMAND that you keep posting more. This is like the best photo album ever!

  5. Ha ha ha! Thank you for all the compliments. Part of me knows that I need to buy Photoshop so I can enhance more of my pictures and bring out the parts that really love, but part of me loves the challenge of capturing something and leaving it naturally as the camera caught it. I will hunt for more and listen to my more mature, learn-ed cousin. Thanks again for all the positive feedback!

  6. I love pictures that are not photoshopped. Photoshopping is like plastic surgery, one looks better without it. I love the tall straight mushroom like fungi. I have seen those myself. Just seven months to go.