Thursday, December 20, 2012

More on Annis Bay Writer's Club

I am here in Annis Bay until late January.  Bonnie and I set out our goals yesterday.  She said that every day we are going to have writer’s club, Annis Bay Writer’s Club – both of us are going to write for four hours a day.  That knocked out of my head what my previous goal had been.  Bonnie likes to write professional work reports and papers that have to do with her private practice.  I like to write about the ordinary events of my day.

Like yesterday. I had practice with power tools.  Bonnie and I were taking apart a bunk bed / fort in David’s room, preparing that room for Kelvin Sr. for the holidays.  The bunk bed was formerly the top of one of the beds downstairs that was too close to the ceiling for the comfort of the sleepers.  Last summer, Miranda, my power engineer, sawed the top of one of the bunk beds off, recycling the posts underneath into a fort, complete with a door, sides and painting it with yellow, green and blue colours of David’s choosing.  The project was the best idea until David discovered that no safety bars could make him feel safe enough that high off of the ground in the bunk bed and that the fort underneath, instead of making him cozy, makes him claustrophobic.  Yes, the project was a great idea in theory.  Now in the practice of disassembling it, Bonnie and I gathered a power screw driver, a rubber mallet and a crowbar.  She has confidence born of doing her own maintenance work on her home in Florida.  I have confidence because I just finished a Watercolours 101 course, and if I can mix  a few tubes of paint and carry it on  a brush over to textured art paper to fashion multiple coloured washes, how many more difficult troubles than that can this new project  create.

Kelvin sits in his chair  supervising us, either thinking many steps beyond the level at which we are functioning or worrying about possible missteps we might make.  Many of the errors he worries about we have already done before he can articulate his fears about them.  The three of us have made our two hour project of disassembling the bunk bed / fort into a two-day project by the time the day is finished.


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