Monday, December 10, 2012

Hand-dipped Chocolates

Photo: Sabrina
Chocolates: Sabrina and Ian

Today I was party to an email between Mary Johnson and some of her friends at work, all of whom have learned to make hand-dipped chocolates.

Sabrina, Mary's co-worker, sent this picture to the other women, for she and her husband had done the chocolates all alone this year.

All of them were talking about their favorite flavours, which chocolates they give away, which flavours they can't yet part with (on this point, Mary keeps all of her peppermints for Xavier) , and which of the families have already eaten some of the boxes that were to be saved and shared at Christmas.

I laugh when I read them saying to each other, don't judge me.

In the past few days,  I have been intimidated by the beautiful pictures that Tonia has been putting up on the blog.  I can never match those. But wouldn't you agree, there is a certain holiday beauty to Sabrina's dipping that even the sun glinting on the water of a beautiful sunset can't capture.



  1. Point of clarification.

    Sabrina made ANOTHER batch of fondant and dipped it with her husband after we had made chocolates together. 4 of us ladies got together and made over 1000 chocolates.

    But Sabrina realized she needed more of two flavours and so tried to do it on her own.

    Sucess. She is a master now. I am no longer necessary.

  2. What! Making another batch after finishing the first project. Let me see -- 30 chocolates per pound, about and you made 1,000. I can see why a four way split on that might make a person think they didn't have quite enough. Wish I had been there to act as the taster.


  3. waaa.... i wish i were EATING them and not just LOOKING at them....