Friday, December 7, 2012

Shuswap Three: Because My Cousin Demanded It

Ok, so I think I am running out of the really good pictures but my cousin who started the sharing of Shuswap has demanded more pictures.    Therefore, this is Part Trois.

These may have been posted on my blog a few years ago, but here is a reminder of the garden we Bates' get to enjoy at the hands of the hard work of Glen and Janet, our Shuswap neighbours.

Received a nice compliment from a well-known photographer on Flickr for this one.

One of my favourites

I am changing the rules of pictures being taken on the Shuswap property as I am adding pictures I have taken on the way to and from the Shuswap property or in proximity to the property.  (This way I can post more pictures and not incur the wrath of a certain cousin.)  :)

I quickly pulled off the road when I saw this near Three Valley Gap
on the way home from the Lake in 2010.

Margaret Falls near Sicamous, B.C.

Black and White, Margaret Falls, B.C.

Reflection of a tree in the water.
Sicamous River (I think)
Then we head back into the forest.  Arta showed me this spot, just above the road to her house on the right of the old road we used to drive down.  I want to go back and take a few more.

All natural British Columbia green
(I did not saturate the colour in this picture.)

Fun-guy playing in the light

We have all re-discovered Old Sicamous Road and groups of Pilling's gather together to walk it on various days throughout the summer.  This was the dirt road people used to travel on to move from Sicamous to Salmon Arm 50 years ago.  This path is just off that road.  Interesting how nature reclaims her/his own. 

Lush BC forest trail

The last leg of the trip from Old Sicamous Road back to the cabin.

The storm that rolled in just as we rolled into the cabin.

I rented snow shoes and cross country skis in the winter of 2009 and Janet and I went for a few strolls on the frozen lake.

Past Sandy Beach, half-way to Johnson's Point

Avec les cabines

My last few pictures are totally cheating.  They are of my recent trip to Jasper and a recent picture I took at the University of Manitoba campus where the Red River bends into a U shape as it travels away from campus.

Reminiscent of old time shots of the Rocky Mountains

Stylized, cheesy and cool

Sunlight on snowy rock

Red River bends

Here is a link to my Flickr space in case you want to see some of my travel pictures and other shots I have taken.  I am at the point on this website that I have to start coughing up money or I can't post anymore pictures and that won't happen until I graduate (Spring 2013).

Thanks for all your kind words and I shall keep practicing the art of photography, rain, shine, hail, sunlight, darkness and lightning.


  1. O Canada, our home and native land. Thank you, Tonia. Loved both the particulars of the land and its generalities (ie going all the way to Manitoba). The Skunk Cabbage Reach of the stream is what we call the spot above my house where you took the pictures. So cute of Alicia walking down the tracks with Nathaniel ahead of her, and the other two kids arms and arm. Tell me how they still have the energy to do that after a long walk. Loved Janet and Glen's garden as well. I thought I heard myself gasp out loud over the beauty of one of the pics. If I didn't, I do know the gasp was inside. I, too, have run out of space to post free pictures on the blog. Sometimes I get them in through Kelvin's account, but it is a lot of work to get them in that way. I will miss your pictures, Wahhh!


  2. i might have to cough up the money to make sure the two of you can keep posting shots!!!!

  3. Hi Tonia,
    All of these pictures are amazing. They are picture book perfect. I should take you along on my next trip as the cameraperson. When will you be free?

  4. Thank you, thank you for sharing these Tonia. They are spectacular. You have a beautiful eye for lighting. Capturing natural light is a real talent -- bravo and keep it up.

    I will revisit these photos often to enjoy them and all the memories they trigger.

    Oh how I love 'The Lake' -- funny how in my mind it is the only one.