Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sharp Knives

Photo: Miranda Johnson
Richard has been sharpening my knives. As well, Miranda made sure there were a couple of new sharp knives in the kitchen to begin with. Adults have been warned to watch out for the knives. No children are allowed to cut with them – the bread knife being the exception to the rule. Rebecca only looked away once at a cupboard and she got to feel the quick slice of a knife that brought the first recognition to all that the knives were really sharp I continued to be alert and it was only while washing one of the knives today that I saw the first blood on my fingers. Only for a split second did I touch the place where the blade of the knife joins the handle – I was cleaning the knife, not really using it to cut vegetables. Tell me, who keeps their knives sharpened right to the hilt. I guess the answer is, I do when Richard is here sharpening them.

 Photo: Miranda Johnson
It felt like we were in the kitchen all day. Rebecca was making a potato and leek soup for her vegetarian friends who are sleeping over tonight. I was amalgamating food that needs to be recycled out of the fridge, so produced a broccoli chicken stir fry and an excellent fried rice. Miranda made some coriander sesame udon noodles. Duncan requested a second batch of butter horns, since yesterday’s batch was long gone, and he wanted some of them reserved, put in a small container and made ready for his drive back to Victoria tomorrow.

 Photo: Miranda Johnson
David and Duncan dried all of my afternoon dishes in exchange for the favour of me making the plain iced butter horns. I would have baked for them without the favour, but it was cute listening to them talk as they worked – Duncan explaining how he has learned to make toast and orange julius in home economics this year at school. He is collecting all of his recipes into a book and offered to share it with me. I can hardly wait.


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  1. I love the photos! The snow was so incredibly beautiful on the last morning before getting in the car!