Monday, December 17, 2012

Cheap Internet Access

Kerala Cafe  / Sea Food Restaurant
...just a large sign, a few poles, a tarp and free Wi Fi

I, for one, love my internet access.  I use mine at home many times a day.  People on the boats buy packages so that they can make their internet a bit cheaper on their cruises.  Some travelers head to the local MacDonalds where they can usually find free WiFi.  I was amazed to find access to it right here on the beach, as this picture shows, under a tarp held up by a few poles.  Isn't the Internet great! 

I was walking along a path by the Chinese fishing nets, a popular site for tourists when I saw the cafe.  I had my camera in hand, taking pictures of things I wanted to see in detail later, but couldn't stop to look at now.  If I paused I would be lost to the group who kept moving on.  I wanted to stop at this fish stall (just a table on the beach) for the man was so happy to have the tourists walking by.

If there had been a bbq and a few brickets close by, I would have stopped for a feast right on the beach.



  1. Yes, and if offered, you would eat the head including the eye-balls of the fish. Didn't you eat alligator in China?

  2. Hello,

    Yes, I had forgotten. I ate alligator and kangaroo in China.

    And yes, I am always taking pictures of fish where ever I go. When I look at the pictures later, I sometimes think I can still smell the fish.

    I can remember thinking in India, yes, I would like to buy that fish, but I have no where to go and cook it. I am trapped on a boat where someone else is doing all of the cooking. Buying fish is just not going to work for me until I get home. Still, can you imagine how it would taste barbeque-ed with a little lemon on it.