Monday, May 26, 2014

500 kilometers of happiness

Day 8
I love the 500 kilometer drive that starts in Calgary and ends in Annis Bay.  That is always the best drive ever, each time supplemented with a view I think I have never seen before, or an animal in a place that surprises me, or the return of memories when we have stopped and strolled along a trail or parked the car and moved in closer to see a waterfall.

How long did you take to get here?  That is a standard question.  If someone says it took them 9 hours to do the 6 hour drive, then I know they have stopped along the way to enjoy the incredible beauty of the ride.

Day 9
In the evening when we needed o deliver Greg's stud finder back to him, there was a drizzle falling.  Bonnie, David, Michael and I grabbed an umbrella each and walked to his house.  Michael's umbrella covered most of his body.  How high can a two-year old his umbrella?  Only high enough that his clogs and two skinny bare legs could be seen as the umbrella  floated down the road  hovering only 18 inches above the gravel.  The last time he and I went walking in the rain, it was to collect worms. Today we were on a return-the-stud-finder mission.

I observed a new style of eating a slice of apple today I cut the apple in 8 slices.  Michael picked up one and ate it watermelon style, going from left to right, then right to left, one bite at a time as he travelled from side to side, until all that was left was the skin and enough apple on it that it held its shape.

I liked his flair for style.


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