Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Best 100 Days of My Life

Grant Vogeli told me that he had just been through the best 100 days of his life: January, February and March. I wondered what that would mean for me. For him it was time off work, time to take care of his health, time to deepen old friendships – probably more, but that is what having the best 100 days of his life meant to him in a nutshell.

I wondered what it would look like if I went forward in the next 100 days, making them the best 100 days of my life. What would I have to do to make that happen.  I wrote down in my day book, on May 18th  and at the top of the page, -- #1 of the Best Hundred Days of My Life.

I could have waited for the new month to start, but I remembered this old story from college about a person who was going to write an essay. First they got their computer ready, then they put some snacks beside the computer. They sharpened their pencils, filled their fountain pen with ink and found an eraser. Getting into more comfortable clothes was the next step. Then they looked at the clock and decided it was too late to start, so they waited for tomorrow. I decided I could at least save myself from making that mistake.

So making May 18th be the start of day #1, even if it was an odd day of the month to start ... that seemed like something that would make this the beginning of the best 100 days of my life.  Just do it.

Day #2 was easier. I called Vernetta Reed to ask her about some of our common Pilling relatives and she made me laugh so hard on the telephone that I already knew I am well on my way to having a fantastic 100 days ahead of me. Oh, she told me that it was me, making her laugh, but that wasn’t the case, for I hadn’t laughed all day until I got talking to her.

I had worried a little bit about setting out a goal that is too ambitious. Bonnie Wyora told me of a friend who tried to do something similar for 30 days and the job about wore her out by the time she was coming to the end of her 30 days. I don’t want my best 100 days of my life to turn into a chore.

Today has been Day #3. Will the Best 100 Days of My Life be consecutive, I wondered? Will it turn out that I have the best 100 days, but it takes me 130 days to have them. Not that today would be the task breaker, but it would be nice to get three in a row, I thought.

... aiming to have some of my best days looking at this view ...
What made today an excellent day is that I discovered I can call Wyona countless number of times and she still picks up the phone every time.

I was doing a forensic search of old business files all day.

Whenever I saw something of interest, or I had a question about the past the answer to which I couldn’t remember, I picked up the phone and rang her. A few times I wondered if she would look at call display, think I was being obnoxious and just let me ring through ... but no, if she is there – she will pick up the telephone.

Bingo, 3 of the best days of my life – in a row.

Stay tuned.


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