Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers' Day from Ottawa

Spring has finally arrived in Ottawa which means tulips and daffodils.  My favourite time of year.  Just add my favourite 3 kids and you have the recipe for a perfect picture.


  1. A big wow to the pictures. Daffodil time. I have only seen leaves in my garden -- no flowers yet. And I agree with you -- the kids look great -- and dressed in their Sunday clothes. I looked carefully to see if everyone's shoes were shined. I couldn't tell. I can see that Xavier has a new hair style. That is the wonderful thing about hair -- you can do whatever you wish with it. Let it grow. Cut it short. Aren't you the one who used to shave numbers or words into the back of Richard's hair cuts? Wish I were there so I could braid the girls' hair ... if they would let me. Long and silky without braids is also excellent. I love it all.

  2. Naomi and Xavier both had their shoes off. I was a mean mom and told them to keep their feet down. Xavier's had holey (not holy) socks and Naomi's were good and grubby.

    Yes I used to shave words in the back of Richard's hair. I recall INFP for his Myers Briggs type (I think same as mine) and Ho, Ho, Ho once in honour of Christmas.

    Xavier's hair is getting long. He is learning how to use a bandana in gym class to keep it out of his eyes (at his gym teacher's suggestion). It is so thick and starting to get curly.

    The girls would love to let you braid their hair. Naomi's hair is almost to her bum. Perfect for all types of braids.

  3. Beautiful picture and children!