Saturday, May 24, 2014

Entering the City Centre

Day 5
Wyona and I took a trip into the city centre.  We found a parking spot in front of the building we were to enter.  A parking spot in downtown Calgary -- that makes Day #5 one of the Best 100 days of My Life.

Calgary Place
"One hour," she said,  "we have one hour to tour downtown Calgary.  Let's do Calgary Place and 5th Avenue Place.  Pretend we just got off the ship and are checking out the city.  On your mark, get set, go."

In an hour all we could do was find the food court, note that the tables were empty, and press our noses against some retail shops, all of which were interesting enough to enter, but none of which we had time to check out.

Day 6
I ended up in downtown Calgary again -- only passing through on my way to Ogden to pick up my car out by Bonnybrook Bridge.  I sat in the warm sun across from the Bay waiting for my bus and studying the architecture of that building.  When I was a little girl, I can remember running around the pillars on the perimeter of the outside corridor of that building, in and out and around and then stopping to put my arms around them to see if I could touch my fingers on the other side.

The May Day trees burst into blossom today, up and down the alley in the neighbours' yards.  The heat carried the heady smell everywhere.  I stopped and savoured the joy of it.  I wondered which of all of the years I have smelled that, have I thought -- wow!  this year, the best.  And so it gets listed in the Best Hundred Days ever.


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