Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Best One Hundred Days of MY Life

Not to be outdone by Arta, I am taking up her challenge.

Today is day one for me.

Xavier's 12th Birthday.  I can't think of a better day to start the next best 100 days of my life.

Tonight we will have cupcakes.  Vanilla cake with icing and sprinkles.

Last night Xavier requested spice cake, which I made.  I ended up having to go to two neighbours homes to find cinnamon (I guess we have made too many cinnamon buns and I forgot to buy more -- unfathomable to me that a house could be "out of cinnamon."  But one of my neighbours was also out.  Crazy.)

Very, very sadly, in my rushing around the neighbourhood to find cinnamon (I was halfway through making the cake), I missed putting in the baking powder.  How sad do you think I was?  The cake was not edible.

I couldn't even make a new one because it was too late to go to the store or back to the neighbours for more cinnamon. 

And so, out came the vanilla so I could make a white cake.  I used my last 2 teaspoons of vanilla for that one.

Stay tuned to Larch Kitchens for two Birthday cake recipes.  They are both delicious as long as you don't forget the baking powder.


  1. Hi Mary,
    My idea of being out of cinnamon is being down to the last quarter of the 510 gram plastic container of that spice. You know the size. Costco size. The only time I was right out -- no canister of cinnamon anywhere -- I was absolutely perplexed -- wondering if I were in the first stages of old age since obviously the need for it hadn't got to my grocery shopping list. A few days later I figured out ... hey! Richard may have slipped over when I wasn't home and borrowed the whole thing. Wish I lived closer so you could have done the same thing.


  2. Oh yes. One more thing. You got me. I went to to see if the birthday cakes were up there yet. No need to hurry. There isn't another family birthday coming until the twins have theirs in June.

  3. Mary had one more thing to say to me about her cake:

    "The cupcakes were a hit. I could not bring myself to throw out the spice cake the night before, so I put it in a container. I kept trying to think of a way to use it. Slice it thin and use it as the base of an ice cream cake. Break it into little pieces and mix it in to vanilla ice cream. Last night I pulled it out and we decided to call is “puck cake” because it was about the thickness and density of a hockey puck. Too funny. I was able to throw it out after we had named it."