Monday, May 19, 2014

Living at the Shuswap: The Storm Approaches

Picture 1
In the middle of last week, an evening storm rolled into the Shuswap.

Memories of happiness were triggered by the electricity in the air.

Bonnie Wyora snapped a photo from six decks before the rain sent her running home for shelter.

In this post, scroll through and guess which photo goes with the deck of which house.

Picture 2
The solution is at the end.

Give yourself one hundred percent if you can identify your own deck.

Bonus points for all other decks.

Some perspicacious viewers may know the view from every deck.                                 

As well, this week I have been trying to put a price on happiness.

These views of a night storm rolling in, reminded me that the aesthetic value of nature is hard to measure.

For example:

Picture 3
1. What is the price  of seeing a little group of cousins, those who are just learning to walk, approach the water that laps up around their feet and then moves out, only to lap up against their ankles again.

2. What is the price of the view of the ferns beginning to grow, or of the first salmon berries with their promise of a tart remembrance of past tastings?

Picture 4
3. What is the price I would attach to the walk along Old Sicamous Highway into town?

Picture 5
4. What is the value of the stroll up the Skunk Cabbage Reach of the Campbell Creek to see skunk cabbage in flower?
Picture 6

5. Is there a value that can be placed on the sound of a stream pouring out of a culvert and rushing down a flue to the bottom of the hill.  The sound of a tap that never stops running, that sound you can hear just a few feet away from the bottom of the Missionary Reach of the Stream?

6. Who values the pleasant surprise of meeting loved ones walking along the road, or seeing them travel up into the woods with groups of children searching out snail trails or trying to find a family of slugs?

7. How about the sound of the early morning songs of birds, as heard from the sleeping bags of those in tents or on the beach.

8. Where else is there an opportunity to carve out new paths for the Little Canadian Stream as its waters finally touch the shores of the Shuswap.

These are moments that are hard to monetize.


Solution to the Puzzle of "Whose Deck is Whose".
Picture 1 - Glen and Janet

Picture 2 - Wyona and Greg

Picture 3 - Moiya and Dave

Picture 4 - The Quiet Cabin

Picture 5 - The Noisy Cabin

Picture 6 - Arta and Kelvin


  1. great photos, and great questions: how to value the invaluable? had a whole conversation with duncan about why the word 'invaluable' does make sense to him... he thinks it should mean NO value (otherwise shouldn't 'incompetent' also mean something great about your competence)? thanks for all the memories the post brought back.

  2. Hello Rebecca,

    What you didn't tell us is ... could you identify "your " porch view? And would that be the one of the noisy house from your childhood, or the view you see now. I don't know which you choose. I hope you got 100% right.

    When I look at the photos and then imagine Bonnie with her camera, starting at Janet's and then running from house to house as the storm was driving in, and trying to capture the look of it as it came down from the narrows .... now that made me laugh, since I know she wasn't wearing rain gear.

  3. I have always loved the scene from the Three Amigos where they discuss what the word "infamous" means. My memories of time spent at the lake, during childhood and adulthood, are invaluable to me. Time spent with family is a huge part of what make those memories so special.