Thursday, May 1, 2014

Welcome to the Swamp

 ... presented by students at Captain Nichola Goddard School ...
Captain Nichola Goddard School Musical Theatre Club presented Shrek: The Musical. 

This is the school attended by Gabe and Zack Treleaven.

Gabe was Donkey in the musical.

... close-up of Gabe as Donkey ...
Zack was Gingy.

The Treleaven boys hadn’t started out with those parts, but by the time it was in full production, Zach had taken over Gabe’s part as the Gingerbread Boy, and Gabe, instead of being the understudy for Shrek, took on Donkey’s part.

The whole school seemed to be involved.

 ... Zack out of his Gingy costume ...
Lighting, in-house ushering, ticket takers, 50 people with named parts (Mad Hater, Tweedle, Pet Pan, Mama Orge, Dragon, Fairy Godmother, etc.)

Hundreds in the final production, I guess.

Donkey’s solo is “Don’t Let me Go” and he is part of a quartet and then a trio at the end of the first age that was a class act by all of the performers.

Marcia had the tickets for us. I have a V.I.P seat on the front row and a ticket stub that let me into the V.I.P. Lounge where I had baklava during the intermission.

Audra and friend get a pic onstage after the performance
“Could you let me in to find my daughter,” Wyona said to the usher at the door before the school theatre doors opened.

“I need to speak to her.

She has my tickets.

Marcia Bates.

 ... Zoe, a musical theatre supporter ...
She is Donkey’s Mother.” The lady behind us in the line-up laughed on hearing that.

Who knows how parents will finally be identified when they start having kids in middle and high school.

In conversation with Mary about this musical,
she said that it holds one of her favorite Broadway songs: When Words Fail.

Zack gets the play's last line.
"God bless us, everyone."
In the past, I have seen Shrek twice.

This was my third hearing and tonight I fell in love with the song,  “Morning Person”.

Nothing like lyrics that say “I’ve always been a morning person / a morning girl / Hurray."

The last performance is the Saturday matinee.

Wyona told me that it is sold out already.



  1. What a lovely review Arta. The morning song is lovely and Fiona had such a smile while she performed. Now to get the lyrics and spend half a year learning them.

  2. I hope we get to learn some of the lyrics from Gabe and Zack this summer out at the lake.