Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fencing: a Blur

... the action too fast for the camera ...
From Rebecca

Duncan fenced a lot with Jed last night.

I tried to capture the moment but its too fast and therefore blurry.

Nonetheless, the blur is fun to see.
... note the good form ...

Jed is one of the really good fencers (in his 40s) from his club.

Duncan said the score was 100-4 (for Jed).

I say, "Yea! 4 points against Jed!"



  1. Great job as the fencing. You looked as fast as a wolf chasing a weird creature. David

  2. I have a question about the fencing, Duncan. Are there any girls or women that fence in the club. Aunt Bonnie had a friend, Allison, who joined the fencing club in university. She was a natural and her coaches thought she could go on to fence in national competitions.

    1. from duncan: "there are actually a lot of international fencers at our club, men and women alike. it might be almost even. there are lots of them that fought in the Nationals, and some of them almost won. i can never win against Catherine. not even once. in have hardly even landed a hit.

  3. Love these photos. I have a girlfriend in junior high school who was a fencer. Is that what you call someone who fences?

    I have never seen fencing live.

    Do you like the Zoro movies Duncan? I love them. Have you watched the Scarlet Pimpernel with your mom? I think that might be fun. I would like to watch it with her again. I was probably about your age the first time I watched it with her.


  4. Great fencing job! If your camera has a 'kids and pets' choice, then put the camera on kids and pets and you may have action with no blur.