Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Position Hits

Day 10

Gene Mahalco takes a spring trip up from Utah, along the Pacific Coast and through B.C. He stopped to visit. A visit from an old friend? A highlight in any 100 days of my life.

Day 11

Michael following me around as I gardened. Gloves, pitch fork, garden fork, whatever I had on my hands or was using as a tool, he had to have one also, and be in the same place as I was. This was fun for me but causing a problem for the flowers or the bushes that I was working on. The tender new raspberry bushes were crushed beneath his feet. He picked the honeysuckle while it was still in the bud stage. Of course, this would be the favorite part of my day, I thought, watching him take off his boots and nestle his 2 ½ year old toes into the dark earth. I tossed weeds into the wheelbarrow. He shoveled into the wheelbarrow loads of the new earth, loads as heavy as he could lift. That is trouble with having a spade that is just his size. What does it matter? Both the green material and the black earth will be good for the compost which is where it was all headed
But that didn’t end up being the favorite part of my day. That moment happened when Dave Wood looked at the new-to-me 1992 Osmobile that came with a work order. Dave was trying to figure out what “really” needed to be done. The left turn signal doesn’t work. Dave gave the light a position hit – just a good whack. Now it works and the moment of the hit what would make the day one of my 100 favorites.


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