Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shrek at School

Tonight was the 2nd performance of Shrek the Musical at Captain Nichola Goddard School. Gabe was a hilarious donkey, and Zack was a charming gingerbread man. I felt like I had won the lottery to be sitting in the front row. Perfect place for a few non-flash pictures.

Gabe poses as a piƱata, after telling Shrek he served 6 years in prison for impersonating one.

Here is a friend's daughter, Amber, playing teen Fiona (far left). This is one of my favourite ensemble numbers.

Here is the dragon chase. They cleverly made a creative dragon head that came out from back stage every time the dragon (in red) came onto the stage.

I just can't get enough of Gabe's singing. I am fearing his voice change. 

Here he is singing with a Barry White kind of vibe about Shrek liking Fiona, and advising Shrek that he should tell her. His backup dancers/singers were an entertaining bunch.

Here Zack is singing a solo during a Fairy Tale Creatures group number. Love this voice, love this costume.

Amber singing with the Fairy Tale Creatures, she is the Fairy Godmother.

The finale number. 

Afterwards, having a little snack.

I am so proud of my boys and the rest of the cast and crew. Such a wonderful production from an entertaining bunch. Only one more performance on Saturday, looking forward to seeing it for a third time. Bravo.


  1. I have a question about Zack's costume. Do I remember seeing his hair was a bit wet? Was it the heat of the lights or the warmth of the costume? Or was he just "cool " and I was imagining.

    I was querying Wyona about the wonderful costumes. Where did they all come from? Who did the sewing? The 3 Fiona costumes? Humpty Dumpty? The Ugly Duckling?

    "I don't know," she said. "My sewing machine didn't help out at all."

    I woke up this morning thinking about Pinocchio's costume. The nose that expanded at each lie made it difficult for that actor to sing, since the nasal passages were muffled by the nose.

    Poor Pinocchio.

    And then I had to laugh when I heard a half clatter as she ran across the stage. One of the wooden clogs fell off and was rescued by someone else and brought forward to her. Quick thinking on the part of someone else on the stage.

    Gabe had a great part. So many retorts to Shrek or quick situational quips that made the audience laugh. Like the one you mentioned about serving 6 years in prison for impersonating a pinata.

    Zack's voice resonated to the ceiling of the gym when he sang. His diction was so clear. And he got the last word in the play.. That can only happen to one actor.

    And how about the five purple carnations purchased by Greg at the end of the show. Did your car bring home a bouquet like that? Ours did.

  2. Greg is certainly a sucker for those salespeople, whether it is Calgary, London or Buenos Aires. But how could you say no to a school that will place such an opportunity for growth in front of the students as they did with this play.

    I have been to both performances now. The performance just gets better.

    Originally, Gabe was to be the Gingerbread man and Zach was in the chorus. However, half way through the production, Donkey quit so the director asked Gabe to be donkey. Then Zach moved up to Gingy because the director knew Zach has an amazing voice.

    Congradulations to the drivers of the stars!
    And of course the same to the actors!

  3. David and I wish we could hop in the car and make it to the final production.