Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hand-made Gifts

Snowman in a mug

Rebecca's idea for a homemade gift
From Catherine:

We went shopping in order to buy Rebecca supplies so she could make a home-made gift for a friend.

 It is for a gift exchange with her volleyball team.

The only criteria is that the gift had to be home made. The dollar store is a wonderful place.
... hand-crafted gifts ...

While at the dollar store, Hebe saw a straw cup and kept asking me to buy it.

I kept saying no. Finally, I remember that she had received money to buy a gift for herself. I said to her that if she really wanted it she could use her Christmas money to buy it.

She looked at it a long time, and then told me she wanted to buy it. I guess that means she really wanted it.
... the Christmas craft table ...
... wish it could last all year ...

The last step is to clean up all of the wonderful products used to make home-made gifts.


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