Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peter Pan: The Musical ... the afterward

Smee and Audra
There is a chance to speak with the performers once the show has ended.

Just meet them in the lobby with your programme in hand.

They will sign so that you can have a memento for the occasion.

As well, you can ask them any questions you have when the show is over.
we are pointing to Zach and Gabe on the cast poster

Audra is one of their repeat audience members.

She may have seen four performances now.

And she doesn't seem to get bored with any of the show, but sits on the edge of her seat as though she is seeing it for the first time.
 ... Audra, Captain Hook and the Princess ...

Do you remember the part in the show where Tinker Bell drinks the poison to save Peter's life.

The only way to cure her is for audience members to believe in fairies.

They can show their belief by clapping their hands.

So far ... there have been enough believers in the audience, that Tinker Bell gets to live.

That is one hard moment in the show -- one where the audience suspension of disbelief makes it possible for her life to continue.  I clapped and hollered as loudly as the rest.


  1. Audra and Arta look like the Happy Girls rather the the lost ones.

  2. Audra is their biggest fan. She has been through the autograph line 5 times. I love it when the cast greets her by her first name, it makes her feel so special. She keeps all the programs, she still has the programs from Big that the cast signed last year.