Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peter Pan: The Musical - In the beginning ....

... waiting for our turn on stage ..
Here is part of the show no one sees:  that hour when the make up goes on, the hair is coiffed, and the costumes are taken from the hangers and putting lost boys into character.

At the same time, families are bundling themselves into cars and getting to the foyer early.  No admittance until well into the first act.

Children are being put to bed, characters are flying through the air, fairy dust is being sprinkled in the air,  dogs are barking at the presence of unknown and unseen characters and a mom and dad are getting ready to go out to dinner.

... getting in character ...
Pre-performance work is going on downstairs.

Make up is being applied.

Lap tops are keeping actors in their seats and waiting for cues.
... gettng Zach's hair "right"...
The hair does feel more like having your mom scrub your hair when she is mad at you.

But there is no turning back.

There is only one way to get into character.

And that is by becoming one of the lost boys -- you know, the kind who need someone to cook and clean for them.  And to sew pockets on ther clothes.

More later ....

Pics for this post were supplied by Marcia Bates

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