Friday, December 19, 2014

What I want for Christmas -- or imagine that others would want ...

From Mary

Off the top of my head, what do I think would be fun for Christmas?

Some cross country skiing with someone who loves coss-country skiing.

And over the holidays, and on Christmas day afternoon in particular?

For Christmas presents?

How about a “gift certificate” that a person can cash in to go cross-country skiing with you, and bring a friend?.

Or a certificate to try snow shoeing one Saturday?

 Do you think a cross-country skier would pick out a new hat or head tube for outdoor activities?

Or a small backpack to wear while skiing for water and snacks.


  1. Steve got me (us) a personal trainer for christmas. the gift already started: 2 one-hour sessions a week. we come away sweating and aching. i have come to think of it as 'torture'. i am not sure that I 'like' it, but it is the only strategy i could come up with to make sure that i get in some exercise. i think jumping jacks are the worst creation ever, and burpees are right behind them, but i am starting to feel muscles in my body, which is good.... sort of....

  2. oh.... did i mention that the person comes to OUR house in the evening, so there is no real way to avoid the sessions (ie. oops... i forgot to drive to the fitness club today!)