Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from Dave and Moiya Wood

From Moiya:

We had a nice visit with Desiree and Brandon for four days before heading out to Utah. We went out to Applebee’s for supper on my birthday and there they presented me with a lovely Calander with all of the families pictures and special occasions on it. It was given to me by the whole family as they worked together to compile it. I think it was Michelle who orchestrated this. Thank you to all! I love it.

We have not been to Utah for a very long time. There is no snow here down below but I see some at the top of the mountains and I think some people are going skiing in Snowbird but with man made snow. Caren and Mike had been up there the day before they picked us up on the 16th. We have been treated like royalty while here. Caren and Mike loaned us their car and we got to see Sam and Cailie and their sweet new baby girl. We also got to see Lisha, Richard’s wife and their son and daughter. Such cute little ones!

Caren had baked many varieties of cookies and made delicious chocolates. We visited several Down East Outfitters stores and got to visit and catch up. On Friday Pete and Jane came from Boise and they are staying here with their boys until the 6th of January. John & Merrie, Pete & Jane, David & I, and Ian all sat down to a lovely meal together and then went downstairs to their theatre room………and I mean a BIG theatre room. It is a overhead projection onto a huge screen. We went through all of the slides from Vi and Lorraine. It was fun for the boys to reminisce.

That night we headed up to Bountiful to stay with John and Merrie. We also took time to go and visit my cousin Kristine & Reid Frederickson. So fun!

 We also got to see my beautiful Aunt Estelle who is 87 years old and still wears stilettos. She has moved to Alpine, Utah from Salt Lake City to a lovely home there. Stacey lives not far from her. I did not get a chance to see Stacey. Our timetables didn’t jive. Too bad for me!

Once again we were served royally by John and Merrie. She won’t let me help out in the kitchen because she loves to serve her guests. Every meal is perfecto! And so lovely.

We got to go to the Tabernacle on Sunday morning to hear the spoken word. The choir is amazing! We also went to see the beautiful lights on temple square and got together with Pete and Jane, and John and Merrie last night at Crown Burger to visit once again.

Now we are ready to go board the plane to head out to San Antonio.

More later. We love you and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Love David and Moiya

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  1. What a lovely Christmas holiday! Walking on stilettos is a thing of the past for me. 100, here we come.