Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peter Pan: The Musical ... epilogue

There are a few performances of Peter Pan: The Musical left.

The last time I saw this show was when Theatre Calgary presented it, many Christmases ago.

Then, Dalton and Ceilidh were the children in the audience.  Ceilidh sat on my lap and I could feel Dalton's body pressed against mine for the length of the show.

Zach and Gabe pose with their friend, Aiden, and with Audra
There is a lot going on:  pirates, fights between pirates and Indians, fights between pirates and lost boys, a dog lonely for the children who have gone missing, parents longing for their children to return home.

And worst of all, lost childen recognizing that they need mothers to cook for them, clean for them, and to sew pockets in their clothing.

Hard to know how any of these themes can make this show fit the classification of "comedy".
... Zoe gives a hug to a lost boy ...

If you are intereted in a lovely evening out, get in touch with Marcia.

She may have a few tickets tucked away in her purse.



  1. Thank you Arta for all the posts on Peter Pan. Two more days for the show and then so much time left over for Christmas.

  2. Thanks for posting the pics and wonderful descriptions. I love this pic of Zoe and Zack.