Friday, December 19, 2014

Peter Pan: The Musical - candids

... the characters behind the characters ...
"Second to the right and straight into morning."

That is the line that will let you know where Neverland is.

All you have to do is leave your window open at night and someone will probably come for you.

J.M. Barrie wrote his book so long ago.  Still we honour it with references to it in novels, in TV shows, and in audio dramas.

I try to get Michael and Alice to play "Peter Pan" with me, but the minute that the name of Captain Hook comes up, the game is over for him and he is hugging his father's knee.

... sitting at the make-up table ...

John in pyjamas and top hat, hanging out with the lost twins
There are many specialty jobs for people who aren't dramaturges -- one is looking after the lost boys when they aren't on stage.

Marcia had her camera and did her best to show how hard it is keep track of people who are right in character as soon as they get their clothes on.

Hard to believe that this is a volunteeer job.

Marcia can still arrange for  you to get tickets if you have missed the show.



  1. I love the pictures. Imagine being able to muss your hair up so and dirty your face. Audra has seen the show at least four times and is up for two more shows this weekend. I think I have seen it for the last time.
    The taxi drivers should get a big reward.

  2. Thanks Rebecca. My secret is to take 20 photos and usually I get about 3 that are good. It helps when you are taking photos of performers too, they love cameras!