Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Henri Matisse: Red Room
Tomorrow our local theatre is showing Matisse, an exhibition from the Tate Modern, now produced on screen for all of us in HD Live.

Here is a review from the New York Times.

I have my ride organized for tomorrow and am looking forward to the exhibit.  As the review says, all of the beauty without the jostling.

I love the comfort of the theatre and the big screen.

Hope some of you can join me at this showing.  I notice Rembrandt is coming in the winter.



  1. i saw the original of this painting in the Hermitage. LOVED it!

  2. Hello,

    I re-read you blog about The Red Room. Thanks, Rebecca.

    Janet and I went to see another of the Art Exhibits. Don't you just love it that a person in a small town like Salmon Arm has the same opportunity to see these events. At any rate, in an animated conversation on the way home in the car, we learned that we had taken in more than we had thought, since it is overwhelming to sit there, listen, know nothing about the art and have the thought that we might be in the wrong place.

    But on the way home Janet was doing most of the talking, since she has taken some lessons and so she was familiar with techniques and animated with ideas that she might use in her own work.

    Ah -- The Art Exhibitions -- a joy. I am going to go to Google before tonight and see if I can name at least 3 Matisse paintings before I go. The Nude in Blue is an easy one,if I got the name right.