Sunday, December 14, 2014

Peter Pan - a second cousins event

"I watched your show.  Will you sign my programme?"
Michael and Richard went to see the community theatre production of Peter Pan.

I heard about the experience this morning.

Captain Hook was frightening to Michael and required about one half hour of hand holding during the show from his dad.

Wendy and Michael have a dog in the show named Banana.

The dog missed them very much when they were gone on their adventure.

The Darling children did go out the window one night and fly over London Bridge.

 Michael told me that part of the show was done by magic.
LtoR: Gabe Treleaven, Michael Johnson, Zach Treleaven

We pulled up some of the utube songs from the show and tried to sing them this morning.

A good time was had at the performance as well as in its retelling this morning.



  1. At a previous performance I heard a little boy behind my tell his mom he was scared. A few minutes later he was laughing. I roller coaster of emotions for the young ones in the audience. My 2 boys will be lost when they don't get to play the Lost Boy twins anymore. Thanks for coming Michael and Richard!

  2. I love that Michael calls "Nana" banana. So insanely cute. Richard sent me an audio clip once of Michael calling her banana.

    Would have loved to be there to see the Lost Boy twins. Hopefully they aren't up to as much mischief at home as they are on stage.