Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peter Pan: The Musical - count the hours

... catch the beauty of the make-up on all four ....
could be a free-for-all in your mother's make-up bag
so appropriate for lost boys
Community theatre is a pretty wonderful place.

During the intermission I heard a little girl next to me say about the last song we heard, "I tried out for this musical.  That is the song I had to learn.  It was so hard, no one knows how difficult it is to sing."

She was right.

Difficult music.

... two lost boys and Peter Pan ...
Hours of rehearsals.

Driving to and from the practices.

Giving up other social events because they conflict with scheduled rehearsal time.

Waiting for other scenes to finish so that your scene can begin.

Spending your time backstage while others are watching the total performance.

Community theatre ... a pretty wonderful place.


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